Question 1593

Question Answered step-by-step Manage Legal ad Ethical Compleance/CHCLEG003Explain how you would disribute this Policy and Procedure to staff?If the policy was breachd would need to week specialist legal advice?Develop strategic responses where legal or ethical requirements have been breach to encure practice standards are maintained in Aged Care Facility. Consider the following scenarios and outline how you would strategically respond to these. Ensuire you reference legislation and/or ethical issues/notifications you have based you determinations on: a. A Resident Care Plan has been destroyed? b. You have withnessed a colleague roughly push a client out of the way and the client has fallen, as carer/worker/staff’s witness what you should do? c. A Resident Medical Record have been incorrectly share with another residents family? d. In light of the above breaches, what responsibilities to workers, client and the broader community does the age care system have and you yourself as a care worker? Health Science Science Nursing CERTIFICATE IV IN AGEING SUPPORT CHC43015 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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