Question 1608

Question Answered step-by-step Identify a new and innovative software, process, or device that… Identify a new and innovative software, process, or device that supports the future direction of patient care for improved outcomes in one of the following categories:Healthcare information systems such as Mobile Discharge documents, national-based electronic medical records, and centralized command centers.Patient care technologies such as predictive care models, computerized nursing documentation, and virtual care.Biomedical devices such as health sensors, remote monitoring tools, automated IV pumps, and smart beds.Then, includes the following:Introduction and overview of the innovative idea and its useData related to current issues that the innovative idea strives to reduce or resolve, including research studies or clinical trials related to the topicDevelopment information, applicability, and patient outcomes the innovation strives to improveRisks associated with the innovation’s useDefinition of the stakeholders and their roleMethods that will be utilized to evaluate the idea’s effectiveness, including tangible and measurable outcomes that would result in dataSummary conclusion for next steps Health Science Science Nursing NURS 725 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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