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Question Answered step-by-step Chapter 18: EliminationReview.REFERENCE;BASIC GERIATRIC NURSING…. Chapter 18: Elimination Review.REFERENCE;BASIC GERIATRIC NURSING.Vocabulary Review Directions: Fill in the blank with the correct key term to complete each sentence. 1. If severe urinary retention is caused by an obstruction such as an enlarged prostate, ____________________ may be necessary to prevent serious bladder damage that may result from persistent or excessive bladder distention. 2. ____________________ is defined as hard, dry stools that are difficult to pass. 3. When ____________________ is delayed, the stool becomes harder, drier, and more difficult to pass. 4. ____________________ is defined as the frequent passage of liquid, unformed stools. 5. ____________________ cause rapid filling of the bladder resulting from the rapid increase in urine production.6. When an impaction is detected, an oil-retention ____________________ may be ordered to soften the mass, followed by a large-volume ____________________ to evacuate the mass. 7. ____________________ ____________________ is the presence of a mass of hardened feces that is trapped in the rectum and cannot be expelled. 8. ____________________ of bladder and/or bowel is one of the most common reasons that older adults are institutionalized.9. ____________________ are one of the most frequently purchased over-the-counter products sold in the United States. 10. If diarrhea persists, diagnostic tests on stool specimens may be ordered to determine whether the diarrhea is ____________________ or bacterial in origin. 11. Urinary ____________________ is an abnormal accumulation of urine in the bladder because the bladder is unable to empty completely. 12. Voluntary control of the external ____________________ muscles enables healthy adults to hold larger amounts within the bladder until urination is convenient. Health Science Science Nursing 210 PN-210 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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