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Question Answered step-by-step Chapter 17: Care of Aging Skin and Mucous MembranesReview… Chapter 17: Care of Aging Skin and Mucous MembranesReviewVocabulary Review. Reference;Basic geriatric nursing 6th edition Directions: Match the term with the correct characteristic or definition and record your answerin the left-hand column.Term???? Characteristic/Definition1. ____ Alopecia ??a. Technique used when cleansing wounds to prevent theintroduction of pathogenic microorganisms2. ____ Aseptic ???b. Bad breath3. ____ Caries ???c. White patches in the mouth4. ____ Dysgeusia?? d. Sliding motions that can tear underlying layers of tissue5. ____ Edentulous ??e. Being without teeth6. ____ Exudate ??f. Fluid that oozes from underlying tissues onto skin surface7. ____ Gingivitis ??g. Skin coloration8. ____ Halitosis?? h. Dry mouth9. ____ Hyperkeratosis?? i. Superficial infection caused by a parasitic mite10. ____ Leukoplakia?? j. Sudden excessive hair loss11. ____ Pigmentation?? k. Funny taste in mouth12. ____ Pressure ulcers ?l. Periodontal disease which causes gum swelling,tenderness, bleeding, and eventual recession of gum tissue13. ____ Pruritus ??m. Tooth decay14. ____ Scabies ??n. Thick, hard nails15. ____ Shearing forces ?o. Excessive pressure on tissues, particularly over bonyprominences, leading to skin breakdown16. ____ Xerostomia?? p. Itching of the skin Health Science Science Nursing 210 PN-210 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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