Question 1652

Question Answered step-by-step Chapter 16: Sexuality and Aging Review. Reference;basic geriatric nursing 6th edition.Vocabulary Review Directions: Fill in the blank with the correct key term to complete each sentence. 1. __________________________ or removal of the uterus does not change sexual functioning, although loss of the organ may make the woman feel less desirable or make her fear that she will be viewed that way. 2. Sexual touching, fondling, masturbation, ________________, and other expressions of sexuality remain an important part of the lives of many older people. 3. Confused individuals may display sexually inappropriate behaviors, such as exposing themselves in public, _________________, and making inappropriate sexual advances to nursing staff. 4. _____________________ is more than just a physical drive; it provides opportunity for the aging person to express and receive affection, connection, and emotional bonding.5. Approximately one third of women over the age of 65 experience _______________________, which is discomfort during intercourse.6. ____________________ ____________________ is a persistent impairment of a person’s usual pattern of sexual functioning. Health Science Science Nursing 210 PN-210 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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