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Question Answered step-by-step 216. When risk-assessing a client and their environment, what are… 216. When risk-assessing a client and their environment, what are the four primary factors that you should consider that may contribute to behaviours of concern?217. When referring a client to a specialist, what are the three main questions that you should consider?218. What strategies are in place at your organisation for strengthening options, networks and services for people with disability?219. List two of each of your local agencies, services, and resources that can help you to obtain community information about sporting, cultural and specific-interest groups.220. What does active citizenship mean for people with a disability? (in under 200 words)221. Describe the role of carers and families and/or relevant others can have. (In under 200 words)222. Consider the historic and recent developments in disability with a focus on the social and medical model of service – and the difference between the institutionalised and person-centred model of support. Present your findings by PowerPoint.223. How and at what point should someone seek support or advice from a more experienced member of staff?224. List five types of disability.225. Demonstrate knowledge of essential support practices for people with one of the following conditions: genetic factors, physical trauma or chronic lifestyle conditions.226. How can the use of technology including laptops and tablets promote independent action and choice?227. Outline the key ways in which a person with a disability can access advocacy services and complaint mechanisms.228. Describe the indicators of abuse and/or neglect to one of the main categories of abuse.?230. Identify any cultural or financial issues impacting the older person’s or person with disability’s wellbeing?231. Identify any risks to the person in relation to mental health and what are the protective factors for it?232. List at least five Impacts of community values and attitudes, including myths and stereotypes and give a brief explanation of any two? Health Science Science Nursing CHCC CHC33015 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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