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Question Answered step-by-step It is Wednesday, and Drs. Joseph and Burg are not seeing patients…. It is Wednesday, and Drs. Joseph and Burg are not seeing patients. However, the office is open for blood draws. Angie, a medical assistant, is in the office alone.Matt, a 17-year-old upcoming college freshman, has just arrived to have his labs drawn so that Dr. Joseph can complete Matt’s college physical. He is extremely nervous, although he is trying very hard to exhibit a relaxed manner. Angie tries to reassure Matt, but the more she tries, the more nervous he gets. At Matt’s urging to “just get it over with,” Angie decides to go ahead and draw his blood. Unfortunately, as soon as the first collection tube begins to fill with blood, Matt notices it and slumps forward. He has fainted.What is the first thing that Angie should do?Was Angie at all negligent in drawing Matt’s blood given that he was extremely nervous?Is this considered a medical emergency?Does an incident report of some sort need to be filed? If so, what should be included, and who should receive a copy? Health Science Science Nursing MEDICAL BILLING AND CODING 12567 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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