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Question Answered step-by-step A 62-year-old male, Mr. Kyle, was admitted with a presenting… A 62-year-old male, Mr. Kyle, was admitted with a presenting complaint of chest pain. History of Presenting Illness Over the last few weeks this man has been experiencing occasional tightness across his chest. This has generally occurred while he has been exerting himself and especially when working outside in the colder weather. He also reports a similar but less intense discomfort after eating a big meal. The tightness that he has been experiencing has lasted 6 or 7 minutes and generally resolves if he stops what he is doing. The pain that prompted this admission came on suddenly about 2 hours ago while he was getting dressed for work. It began as a tightness that was similar in nature to the episodes he has been experiencing lately. However, on this occasion the tightness developed into a more intense pain that he rates as 8 out of 10. The pain / tightness is mainly across the front of his chest. He is aware of it up into his jaws and his arms feel very heavy. He has never experienced anything as bad as this before. Nothing appears to worsen or relieve the pain. The Paramedics gave him 10mgs Morphine IV and he has vomited a few times since then. He is very pale and sweaty on admission. He is overweight at 112 kg and measures 180 cm in height. Past Medical History • Hypertension for many years (takes a beta blocker for this) • Road traffic accident 10 years ago resulting in a fractured sternum and multiple rib fractures • He says that he is allergic to Aspirin as he developed a rash when he had it before Social History• He lives with his wife. They have two sons both of whom live in Sydney, Australia • He smokes 20 cigarettes a day and drinks about 20 units of alcohol each week • He works as a freelance brick layer and has been working long hours recently as his employer has a contract to build a large number of homes On admission: He is distressed and is tachypneic and sweating. He is still experiencing severe chest pain although it has dulled in intensity. He has evidence of peripheral cyanosis.What are the manifestations showing that Mr. Kyle was experiencing a myocardial infarction? (List in point form) o Include at least 4 manifestationsWhat are the diagnostic tests that would be done to confirm the MI? (List in point form) Include in your answer: • Describe how these tests work and what they tell us• Identify the serum biomarkers used to determine if myocardial damage has occurredDescribe the possible interventions that could be used to treat an MI. (List in point form) o Include in your answer: 13A. Pharmacological treatment, give rationale. 13B. Non-pharmacological and/or medical treatment, give rationale. Health Science Science Nursing PATH 1016 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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