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Question Answered step-by-step Can someone please help me with the following assignment?Background: COVID 19 Vaccinations in Sasnak County, Kansas You are DNP prepared nurses working in a rural county in Kansas. You have been asked by the county commissioners to help develop and implement a plan to vaccinate residents of the county. You are trusted NP providers. You own and operate two rural health clinics and round at 2 nursing homes. You have a collaborating physician in the adjacent county who provides backup if needed, makes required NH visits, and admits patients to the hospital in the next county. There are two towns in the county and 70% of the people are rural. Some persons drive 60 minutes to get to town. The county has 6280 residents from children to the oldest old. There is a total of 60 persons in nursing home (NH)1 and 50 in NH 2. The rural clinic 1 has 2400 active patients age 18 and over and rural clinic 2 has 1800 active patients age 18 and older. There are 980 children under 18 in the county. The health department in the county includes two staff persons: an administrator and an RN who will be helping. The county will be receiving a shipment of 3000 vaccines (Pfizer) in 2 weeks and another shipment of 2500 vaccines in 6 weeks. More vaccines are promised. This county has already had 605 COVID-19 cases and 45 deaths. You know that there is vaccine hesitancy in many of the residents of the county1.      Identify and define the problem2.      Establish aims3.      Anticipate challenges4.      Integrate knowledge of quality improvement5.      Formulate a plan6.      Diagram the process7.      Create evaluation planHere are questions to consider for items 1-7 above as you work together :• What is the problem?What is it that you want to improve?• What are your aims? How will you achieve these aims?• What are your concerns? What resistance do you see? What could go wrong?• What supplies do you need?• What resources do you need?• What is your time frame? Health Science Science Nursing NURSING 948 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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