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Question Answered step-by-step Mr. Kyle was treated for a left anterior descending transmural myocardialinfarction. He was then discharged home with cardiac rehabilitation. Months later… Note back: Mr. Kyle is a 62-year old male who has a history of hypertension and CAD, complicated with a recent MI. Recently, Mr. Kyle has been complaining of increased fatigue and difficulty breathing; he gradually developed dyspnea with 30metres of level walking, two pillow orthopnea, nocturia, paroxysmal nocturnal dyspnea, and progressive ankle edema. He is tachycardic and the ECG demonstrates that he is in atrial fibrillation. He has gained 6 kg. over the past 2 weeks. Mr. Kyle is diagnosed with heart failure and is admitted to an acute care facility. His current medications are ramipril, metoprolol, and Nitroglycerin (NTG) sublingual prn. Vital signs include the following data: HR irregular 138bpm, BP 156/86, RR 28, oxygen saturation of 90% via pulse oximetry. Physical exam revealed a male in mild respiratory distress with hypertension and diaphoresis. Periphery is cool to touch. He has positive jugular vein distention and bilateral pitting peripheral edema 3+ of his ankles and feet. Crackles were present throughout the chest. The liver was somewhat enlarged. CXR showed pulmonary edema and echo showed moderate cardiomegaly with Left and Right ventricular remodeling. The nurse considers risk factors and symptoms that differentiate right and left-sided failure. The nurse recognizes atrial fibrillation on My. Kyle’s ECG monitor and implements priority care. The nurse implements care and teaching related to Mr. Kyle’s prescriptions for pharmacological heart failure treatment.Question 16:How does the heart compensate in heart failure? (Short answer. Explain the process) Include in your answer: 1. Explain how Mr. Kyle’s manifestations relate to heart failure compensation mechanisms? 2. What is the role of the Frank Starling Mechanism in heart failure?Question 17:What other diagnostic tests might be ordered for Mr. Kyle? (List in point form)Be specific with the diagnostic tests used.Question 18A, 18B & 18C:What are some key interventions to manage heart failure ? ( List in point form)Include in your answer the following rationale behind these treatments:18A:  List the medications you anticipate that will be ordered to treat this problem and provide rationale.18B: List non-pharmacological interventions to manage heart failure.18C: List medical/surgical treatments used to treat heart failure Health Science Science Nursing PATH 1016 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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