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Question Answered step-by-step Study habits Paragraph # 1 with 5 sentences: Describe in detail… Study habitsParagraph # 1 with 5 sentences: Describe in detail your learning style, give examples of what has worked for you and what has not.(Paragraph 2) with 5 sentences: Categorize your development of multiple intelligences. Which are more developed, which are areas of opportunity for development. Explain and justify your answers.(Paragraph 3) with 5 sentences: Identify what time of day is most effective to study and describe in detail your perfect environment to study. Justify your answer.Paragraph # 4 with 5 sentences: Summarize what you learned new from the readings and how you will apply it in the immediate future.250 words in total Health Science Science Nursing NUR 1140 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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