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Question Answered step-by-step Patient Introduction Skyler Hansen is an 18-year-old male diagnosed… Patient IntroductionSkyler Hansen is an 18-year-old male diagnosed with type 1 diabetes 6 months ago. He was brought to the Emergency Department by his friends. The friends report that he started acting “weird” while they were playing basketball. He has not eaten anything for 5 hours. Skyler told them that he felt lightheaded and was going to lie down on the cement. They became nervous and decided to bring him in to the Emergency Department. The patient is drowsy, wakes with stimulus, has slurred speech, is diaphoretic, and is acting irrationally.1.  How did the scenario make you feel? 2.  What management options would have been appropriate if Skyler Hansen had been alert and could swallow?3.  If Skyler Hansen’s acute hypoglycemic episode had not have been treated immediately, what could have happened?4.  If too much glucose were administered to Skyler Hansen while the health care team was trying to correct his blood glucose level, what could occur?5.  What key elements would you include in the handoff report for this patient? Consider the SBAR (situation, background, assessment, recommendation) format.6.  Describe age-appropriate patient teaching for Skyler Hansen and resources that may be helpful to him.7.  Discuss confidentiality and legal empowerment of 18-year-old patients such as in Skyler Hansen’s case.8.  What would you do differently if you were to repeat this scenario? How would your patient care change?  Health Science Science Nursing NUR 3310 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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