Question 209

Question Answered step-by-step Ms. Sallie James, a 56-year-old female client, is admitted to thehospital on Thursday with chronic renal failure (CRF). She reports a 3-lb weight gain from yesterday. She is on a fluid restriction of 1,000 mL/day. She states that it is her normal to not produce any urine each day. A client in CRF may not produce any urine once being dialyzed because the kidneys are functioning very minimal and the hemodialysis process removes the excess fluids and accumulated nitrogenous wastes and excess electrolytes. She is on a renal diet, which restricts protein, potassium, sodium, and phosphorous. She receives hemodialysis three times a week on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. The LPN/LVN caring for the client reviewed the chart noting the following abnormal electrolytes and must determine the needed nursing management.Sodium, 130 mEq/LPotassium, 6.5 mEq/L -What nursing interventions are needed for a client with the electrolyte imbalances? -What treatments should the nurse anticipate will be needed for the client and why? Include at least 3 different treatments and rationales for why this would be appropriate.   Health Science Science Nursing NUR 111 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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