Question 2100

Question Answered step-by-step The nurse on the mental health unit received report on 4 clients…. The nurse on the mental health unit received report on 4 clients. Which client should the nursesee first?1-     Client diagnosed with major depressive disorder who has consumed no food from the past 3 meal trays2-      Client diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder who reports an anxiety level of 8/10 and is pacing in the room3-     Client newly admitted with bipolar mania who reports sleeping only 4 hours last night4-     Client newly admitted with obsessive-compulsive disorder who has spent the last hour counting socksA. State your rationale.B. Describe post-traumatic stress disorder, bipolar mania, major depressive disorder, andobsessive-compulsive disorder.C. Include therapeutic management Health Science Science Nursing NURSING NUR1142 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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