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Question Answered step-by-step By using the Readability Test link below [Click on the link, then… By using the Readability Test link below [Click on the link, then go to Free Readability Tests Tool, and Test by Direct Input.] change the sentences into them at a health literacy 5th grade reading level.———————Dosage: As asthma indication for adults: A. 1 inhalation two times a day for drug containing 50mcg salmeterol and 100/250/500 mcg dose of fluticasone.B. 2 inhalation twice a day for stock of salmeterol 25mcg and fluticasone 50/125/250. For child dose:4 to 12yrs oldA. 1 inhalation twice a day for stock dose of 50mcg salmeterol and 100mcg of fluticasone.B. 2 inhalation two times per day for available dose of 25mcg salmeterol and 50mcg of fluticasone propionate. Adverse effects:Throat irritation, oral candidiasis, hoarseness of voice, headache, palpitationsMedication precaution:Reminder since it contains corticosteroid prolonged use and high doses may causeCushing’s syndrome, adrenal suppression, growth retardation for childrenSevere Adverse reaction: paradoxical bronchospasm (fatal) Drug interactionFood: no to alcoholic beverages Nursing consideration and patient education:A. Assess capability of patient on how to administer the drug ( educate patient on how to administer it with proper technique since it is thru inhalation.)B. This drug may cause irritation, encourage patient to rinse mouth after administration or inhalation.C. Assess heart rate and rhythm or any medical history of cardiac problem cause this drug may cause palpitations and vasoconstriction.D. Educate patient regarding importance of completing the entire course of treatment and not to stop abruptly as this is needed to be titrated before stopping.E. Monitor children’s height. There are no seen cultural considerations regarding the medication. Health Science Science Nursing NU 440 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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