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Question Answered step-by-step You are a Nurse working on a medical/surgical unit in a hospital…. You are a Nurse working on a medical/surgical unit in a hospital. You are responsible for assigning clients appropriately to regulated and unregulated health care providers (UPC) for the shift. You have six clients to assign – three will be cared for by the UCP. Please review CNO document: Working with Unregulated Care Professionals found at 58 year old female, admitted with myocardial infarction, currently on call for an angiogram 24 year old female, small bowel obstruction, condition and vital signs stable 87 year old male, with complex wounds following a recent kidney transplant 51 year old female, day 5 post op hysterectomy, acquired an infection which is resolving 75 year old male, day 6 post op hip replacement, working with physiotherapy 65 year old male, requiring a new catheter insertion due to urinary retention 1. Identify the three clients you would assign to the UCP and give your rationale according to the CNO practice guideline. (/6) 2. Explain your role in supervising an UCP (/2) 3. Identify two clients whose care requires controlled acts that a UCP cannot perform. (/2) 4. What are the two exceptions for UCPs that allow them to complete controlled acts? (/2) 5. What is delegation? Provide a summary of a time when you in a nursing role delegated client care to another care provider in a health care setting. (/4) – allotted as follows: /1 for defining delegation, /1providing relevant reflection, /1 uses CNO best practice guideline, /1 identifying why this delegation was appropriate) 6. Identify the four areas to consider when including the UCP in a client’s health care plan. (/4 Health Science Science Nursing NURSING 205 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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