Question 2199

Question Answered step-by-step What is the key message from the ‘Chain of Survival’?Select one:The earlier someone calls for help and starts CPR the better the chance of survivalSurvival from a sudden cardiac arrest relies entirely on hospital careIt is important to assess the chance of survival before commencing CPRIt is better to provide 5 minutes of CPR before calling Triple Zero (000)An unconscious casualty is taking infrequent, slow and noisy (gasping) breaths. What would you do?Select one:Place the casualty on their back and conduct a secondary surveyRecognise this as normal breathing and continue to monitor the casualtyRecognise that this is not normal breathing and commence CPRPlace the casualty in the recovery position and administer back blowsIn which of the following situations should the first aider stop performing CPR?Select one:If a bystander has determined that there is no chance of survivalAfter completing 2 minutes of uninterrupted chest compressionsWhen health care or emergency services personnel are ready to take overAfter the third shock has been delivered by a defibrillator (AED)What is the first aid management for a person who is choking and can cough?Select one:Grab them from behind and squeeze their abdomen firmlyGive them a small drink of water and monitor closelyImmediately give 5 back blows followed by 5 chest thrustsEncourage them to continue coughing and monitor closely Health Science Science Nursing HSA HLT33115-0 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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