Question 220

Question Answered step-by-step Calculate the amount you would give the patient. 1. Order: Digoxin… Calculate the amount you would give the patient. 1. Order: Digoxin 0.375 mg po daily. Available: Digoxin 0. 25 mg tablets.                                                                                                        Tab.    2. Order: Dilantin 60 mg po bid. Available: Dilantin 30 mg po capsules                                                                                                          cap    3. Order: Lasix 100 mg by gastrostomy tube once a day. Available: Lasix 40 mg per 5 ml.                       ml  4. Order: Valporic acid 1g po every day. Available: Valporic acid 250 mg per 5 ml. elixer                             ml  5. Order: Valium 8 mg po q 4 h prn agitation. Available: Valium 5mg/ml. How much will you give in a 24 hour period?                               ml  6. Order: Demerol100mg po now. Available: Demerol 50 mg per tablet.                                                                                                        tabs    7. Order: Pepcid 20 mg po daily. Available: Pepcid 40mg per ml.                                                                                                            ml    8. Order: Synthroid 0.05 mg po daily. Available: Synthroid 50 mcg tabs.                                                                                                        tabs    9. Order: Keflex 0.25 g po q6h. Available: Keflex 250 mg tabs.                                                                                                        tabs   10. Order: Gentamycin 70 mg po q8h. Available: Gentamicin 80 mg/2 ml.                                  ,ml 11. Your patient throughout the day had 120cc milk, 4 oz of jello, 1 cup of coffee, ½ of their pitcher of water and 125cc /hr of IV fluids. The pitcher is 1 liter.  How much is her intake for an 8 hour shift? 12. That same patient had 1800cc in her foley and 300 of emesis. What was her output for your 8 hour shift? 13. What do you anticipate your patients weight is going to be compared to the previous weight? Health Science Science Nursing NSG 100 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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