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Question Answered step-by-step Class, Please post a YouTube link or upload the video to the… Class, Please post a YouTube link or upload the video to the introductory section of your speech. Yes, you are ON CAMERA for this. We need to SEE you. Make sure your lighting is good and that you look good as well. We will hear the first 2 minutes of your informative speech presentation. During the 2 minutes, we need to hear the: 1. Attention Getter—(The interesting way start the speech. Think about a statistic, interesting fact, or a story) 2. Introduction of the topic 3. Thesis Statement–(The statement of fact that you are setting out to explain) 4. Preview of Main Points (I want you to list the main points that you will cover. For example: “This afternoon, I will cover where gold is located? Why the value of gold is tied the US dollar? And why its the best investment for young investors?) I’M LOOKING FOR YOU TO LIST EVERY MAIN POINT THAT YOU WILL COVER IN YOUR SPEECH.  Health Science Science Nursing NURSING 1010-DL0S Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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