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Question Answered step-by-step QUESTION 1 Structures 1 and 2 come together to form the:… QUESTION 1Structures 1 and 2 come together to form the: ejaculatory ductprostatic urethramembranous urethraexternal urethral orifice1 points  QUESTION 2The corpora cavernosa of the penis is labeled ___ and the corpora corpora spongiosa is labeled: “8, 12″”10, 11″”12, 8″”10, 12″1 points  QUESTION 3Estrogen and progesterone are produced by: EGHJ1 points  QUESTION 4The inability of the left ventricle to pump blood adequately (no contractility) to the body s cells is indicative of failure of ________________.EndocardiumMyocardiumEpicardiumPericardium1 points  QUESTION 5The step labeled 1 in the diagram of blood flow through the heart shows deoxygenated blood entering the right atrium through the superior and inferior vena cavae.ascending and descending aorta.internal and external iliac veins.pulmonary arteries.1 points  QUESTION 6The first heart sound (lub) is caused by the closure of the __________ valves.Pulmonary semilunarAtrioventricularAortic semilunarMitral1 points  QUESTION 7The doughnut-shaped accessory sex gland that surrounds the upper portion of the urethra in males is:ejaculatory ductprostate glandbulbourethral glandseminal vesicle1 points  QUESTION 8″To create male sterility, the _______ is cut and tied off in a vasectomy in order to ____________ “the seminiferous tubules prevent the sperm from entering the ejaculatethe vas deferens – prevent sperm from entering the ejaculatethe seminiferous tubules inhibit sperm productionthe vas deferens – prevent erection and ejaculation1 points  QUESTION 9When are sperm capable of fertilization?after leaving the testesafter leaving the epididymisafter exposure to factors in the female reproductive tractafter mixing with the secretions from the accessory glands in semen1 points  QUESTION 10″In cold weather, the ________ to bring the _______ the body:: “Scrotum contracts testes closer toScrotum relaxes testes farther fromTestes contract scrotum closer toTestes relax scrotum farther from1 points  QUESTION 11″During spermatogenesis, completion of meiosis I results in the formation of:”spermatidsspermatozoaprimary spermatocytessecondary spermatocytes1 points  QUESTION 12Choose the correct order for the path of sperm from the testes to outside the body.ductus deferens – epididymis – ejaculatory duct – urethraepididymis – ductus deferens – ejaculatory duct – urethraejaculatory duct – ductus deferens – epididymis – urethraurethra – ejaculatory duct – epididymis – ductus deferens1 points  QUESTION 13Menstruation is the:flow of excessive cervical mucusshedding of the endometrial liningrelease of a secondary oocyte from an ovaryembedding of a zygote into the endometrial wall1 points  QUESTION 14What is necessary in order for a secondary oocyte to complete meiosis II?ImplantationFertilizationOvulationOrgasm1 points  QUESTION 15The muscular structure that separates the uterine body from the vagina is theuterine tubehymencervixvulva1 points  QUESTION 16Indicators of ovulation include:water retentiondecreased libidoa slight rise in body temperaturewidespread abdominal discomfort1 points  QUESTION 17Secretion of testosterone in the male during puberty stimulates:brain developmentdescent of the testesmuscle and bone growthprotein breakdown and weight loss1 points  QUESTION 18″In male embryos, which hormone is responsible for the development of the urethra, prostate, and external genitals?”LHFSHProgesteroneDihydrotestosterone1 points  QUESTION 19Indicate the letter that identifies the atrial systole: ABCD1 points  QUESTION 20Oxygenated blood is transported from the lungs through the pulmonary veins into theleft atrium.left ventricle.right atrium.right ventricle.1 points  QUESTION 21The pulmonary circulationCarries blood from the right ventricle to the lungs and back to the left atriumCarries blood from the left ventricle to the body and back to the right atriumSupplies blood with a high oxygen level to all tissues of the bodyVeins carry blood with lower oxygen level1 points  QUESTION 22″Freshly oxygenated blood enters the heart through the __________, and is pumped out through the ___________.”Right atrium; aortaLeft atrium; aortaRight ventricle; pulmonary arteriesLeft ventricle; pulmonary arteries1 points  QUESTION 23During which phase of the ovarian cycle are estrogen and progesterone produced?Pre-ovulatoryfollicularproliferativepost-ovulatory1 points  QUESTION 24The hormone that works with estrogen to prepare the endometrium for implantation of a fertilized egg is:LHFSHprogesteronerelaxin1 points  QUESTION 25″Home pregnancy tests detect the presence of ___ in maternal urine as an indication of pregnancy, and home ovulation tests detect the presence of ____ in urine as an indication of ovulation. “FSH |ProgesteroneFSH | hCGLH | hCGhCG | LH1 points  QUESTION 26A high stroke volume is dependent on:”Decreased preload, decreased contractility and decreased afterload””Increased preload, Increased contractility and Increased afterload””Decreased preload, decreased contractility and Increased afterload””Increased preload, Increased contractility and decreased afterload”1 points  QUESTION 27Which of the following lists the correct sequence of waves that occur in an ECG of a single heartbeat?”QRS, P, T””P, QRS, T””T, QRS, P””P, T, QRS”1 points  QUESTION 28The normal pacemaker of the heart is thePurkinje fibers.bundle of His.atrioventricular (AV) node.sinoatrial (SA) node.1 points  QUESTION 29″Maintained depolarization takes place, due to:”Ca2+ inflow when voltage-gated slow Ca2+ channels open and K+ outflow when some K+ channels openNa+ inflow when voltage-gated fast Na+ channels open and K+ outflow when some K+ channels openCa2+ inflow when voltage-gated slow Ca2+ channels open and Na+ inflow when voltage-gated fast Na+ channels openCa2+ inflow when voltage-gated slow Ca2+ channels open1 points  QUESTION 30Which labeled structure in the figure acts as the natural pacemaker of the heart? ABCD Health Science Science Nursing ANATOMY 200 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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