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Question Answered step-by-step Boderline Personality Disorder 1: Case study: Jenny is a 28 years old woman who is currently in crisis and who has a diagnosis of Borderline personality disorder. She ha been in contact with mental health services intermittently over the past 10 years but engages when in crisis, and then abruptly disengages with services. Recently, She has been experiencing a range of distressing symptoms, from unstable moods, engaging in self- harming behavior,constant changes in mood, feelings of emptiness and anger, insomnia, and says: at times when I am stress out, I think people are going to harm me”. Jenny has agreed to visit at her home by the Crisis Resolution and home treatment. (CRHT) team. Jenny has three children all by different father. She currently has a boyfriend who she describe as better than the rest. Jenny admits all of her previous relationships ended due to her infidelity. Jenny reported at troubled background, and that she had been sexually abused by her father between the age of 8-13. However, Jenny does not like to talk about the abuse as it was a long time ago and what’s done id done. Recently Jenny has been having recurrent thoughts of killing herself, and when asked about this states: I think of killing myself 15 to 20 times a day. the thought last about 30 seconds each times but then quickly states that she has no plan to do so and would not do it anyway. Jenny’s records show that she has attempted to kill herself four times in the past by medication overdose when she was 14, 18, 20, and 25. When asked what she wanted from the assessment, Jenny Jokingly Said ” maybe somebody can actually figure me out.” Concept Map : 1.In separate paragraphs, explain the data clusters and which Gordon’s pattern is represented by each data cluster. Which Gordon’s patterns are Functional or Dysfunctional? (Take each of the data clusters and discuss how they helped you.)2.Using Gordon’s as a guide, Explain which nursing diagnoses are identified for this client? (Separate each Gordon’s pattern into a paragraph). 3.List the identified nursing diagnoses in priority order.4.Which nursing diagnosis is most important to address with this client? Explain how this was determined. 5.Which nursing diagnosis is second most important to address with this client? Explain how this was determined. 6.Which nursing diagnosis is least important to address with this client? Explain how this was determined. 7.Describe the evaluation of the client for each nursing diagnosis?Thank you! Health Science Science Nursing PHI 111 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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