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Question Answered step-by-step What does mucosal healing agents do and their names: What do… What does mucosal healing agents do and their names:What do antisecretory and cytoprotective agent do and give their names:What medication is used to eradicate H. Pylori that causes peptic ulcers and give the names of them?What diet modifications may be necessary to treat peptic ulcer disease?Give the lifestyle changes that the client needs to be educated on:List what the nurse needs to do when helping the client through the experience of GI intubation (NG tube placement or G-tube placement):The emphasis in client care for a client with peptic ulcer disease should always be on:List the nursing interventions that would be performed for a client with peptic ulcer disease:List nursing interventions for peptic ulcer disease after gastric surgery:The purpose of nasogastric intubation is given. Give the description of each:Decompression:Feeding (gavage):Compression:Lavage:When would you instruct the client to seek medical attention immediately?What does the nurse have to make sure the client understands bout their medications?Cancer of the StomachWhere is the primary location of stomach (gastric) cancer?Stomach cancer may metastasize to where?Stomach cancer is associated with what in the diet? Health Science Science Nursing ANATOMY AND PHYSIOLOGY 101 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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