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Question Answered step-by-step Strategies that focus on professional approaches to practice For… Strategies that focus on professional approaches to practice For each scenario, identify an appropriate response and explain your response.  Here are some examples:1) As a HCA, you are providing care and service for an elderly gentleman, Mr. Syms, who requires help with his meals and his bath. One day, when you arrive at Mr. Syms’ house, you find that a doctor is visiting him. Apparently, Mr. Syms’ daughter, who lives across town, called the doctor when her father complained of chest pain. The doctor says to you, “Well, he seems to be fine now. Maybe it was only indigestion.” As he is leaving, he says to you, “Mr. Syms was telling me that his back is bothering him. I’ve left some Tylenol with Codeine. Give him two of those whenever he needs them.” How might you handle this situation? 2) As a HCA, you have been visiting Mr. and Mrs. Sihota for several months. Mrs. Sihota is a frail lady of 78 years who is experiencing some cognitive decline. Two days ago, she had day surgery to correct a cataract in her left eye. Mr. Sihota is almost ten years older than his wife and suffers from arthritis and heart problems. When you come to their house, Mr. Sihota greets you at the door saying, “Thank goodness you are here. Now you can give my wife her eye drops. I’m no good at that sort of thing and she’ll be happier to have you do it.” How might you handle this situation? 3) You are working on an acute care ward. When you walk into the room of a client you have not met before, he says, “Oh, there you are, nurse. Can you please hand me the magazine that’s on the chair?” What will you say?   Health Science Science Nursing NURS 1120 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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