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Question Answered step-by-step To design, a case-control study to determine whether cell phones… To design, a case-control study to determine whether cell phones used by drivers are causing or related to fatal automobile accidents. we are looking for the same characteristics as the case samples except for the exposure being investigated (cell phone use). The selection of cases will be done in a retrospective manner. The cases will include fatal auto accidents where cell phone usage was suspected to be the cause in a county. The controls would include sample of persons who had a fatal automobile accident where cellphone usage was not suspected to be involved in the same county. The information would be obtained by pulling police reports and potentially cross-referencing them with hospital records. We are defining the outcome here with the fatality following an automobile accident. Other variables that should be examined while viewing the reports and collecting data are traffic flow, other human or physical object distractions in the vehicle, speed, time of day, weather, age, toxicology report or alcohol levels, geographic location, state laws on the use of cell phone, and size/type of vehicle.  Please comment on the design of this study. What are relevant factors and what more information is needed in the design of this study? Health Science Science Nursing GSPH 5307 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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