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Question Answered step-by-step Watch this first , the passcode included below:… Watch this first , the passcode included below: 4@U1GG!+I am adding a link to a Senate hearing for you to watch Dean Didion testify on a bill about RN BSN education. The film is 2 hours long, but she begins at 1 hour 14 minutes. the forum post a letter to your representative as a student nurse at Oakland University and make your case on this bill. You can choose either side of this bill. Make sure to make your argument and as always, scholarly work is expected. The rubric is attached.Organization All elements of a professional letter are clearly represented (representative’s address, date, recipients address, salutation, body, closing). Introduction is clear, creative and grabs the attention of the reader. Letter body has 3 or more paragraphs. Has a conclusion/closing statement.ContentWriter provides 3 or more reasons for the problem and provides an example for each reason for the problem. Health Science Science Nursing NRS MISC Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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