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Question Answered step-by-step 10. Which of the following is emergency equipment that should be at… 10. Which of the following is emergency equipment that should be at thebedside of patients with a tracheostomy?a. Rapid sequence intubation kitb. Defibrillator, oxygen, bag valve maskc. Obturatord. Suctioning equipment, replacement tracheostomy tube with obturator,oxygen, equipment for inserting an endotracheal tube11. Which of the following are predisposing factors that may contribute totracheostomy tube dislodgement?a. Adjusting ties to allow one finger beneathb. Excessive coughing, morbid obesity, traction from the ventilator circuitc. 90° positioning of the tracheostomyd. Turn schedule every 2 hours for immobile patients12. Tracheomalacia is manifested by which of the following?a. Presence of a cuff leak, high cuff pressuresb. Ties that are too tight, erythema of the stomac. Overinflation of the cuff, clogged inner cannulad. Presence of skin breakdown and infection Health Science Science Nursing NURS 472 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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