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Question Answered step-by-step BSN Outcomes To be met upon completion of the BSN degree program… BSN OutcomesTo be met upon completion of the BSN degree programIntegrate current knowledge, ethical principles, evidence-based findings, and clinical reasoning to direct nursing practice decisions.Apply principles of cultural humility and cultural sensitivity to interpersonal relationships and client/population-focused care.Participate in interprofessional collaboration to promote optimal client outcomes.Explore the effects of health policy on the financing, organization, and delivery of healthcare to individuals and populations.Employ a range of information technologies and ethical standards to acquire knowledge, manage data, communicate information, and guide and validate nursing practice.Demonstrate leadership skills and professionalism based on an understanding of the multidimensional role of the professional nurse.Please respond to the following:How did developing a portfolio contribute to your understanding of the value of prior learning and competency achievement?How has the e-Portfolio development process affected how you view yourself as a professional?How will you use your e-Portfolio as an asset in your professional practice in the future?Do the contents of your e-Portfolio support your accomplishment of the BSN program outcomes? Health Science Science Nursing NUR 445 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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