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Question Answered step-by-step Outpatient—Physician’s Office (Musculoskeletal)Patient Name: Brad FerringtonDiagnosis: Dislocated right shoulderProcedure: Closed reduction of dislocated right shoulder with provision of slingAn established patient presented to his primary doctor with pain in his right shoulder. He said he was driving his car to the store the day before to pick up some milk for his wife when another car exiting the parking lot hit his car. He said that his left shoulder hit the driver’s side door and that he could not understand why his right shoulder hurt so much. A complete shoulder X-ray performed in the office confirmed a dislocation of the right shoulder. The physician explained that indirect force was expelled when he hit his left shoulder, and this actually caused the dislocation of the right shoulder. The doctor performed a closed reduction of the shoulder and placed the arm in a sling. The physician then continued with an expanded problem focused history and exam to ensure that there were no other injuries. He instructed the patient to use ice and take Tylenol for pain. Medical decision making was low. What are the three CPT codes for this case? (Not the levels of different types of codes, the codes used to code this patient case.) What is the HCPCS Level || individual code for this case?These two questions are medical billing and coding questions. Health Science Science Nursing HIMT 1410 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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