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Question Answered step-by-step A 76 year old male with mild hypertension presents to the hospital for a scheduled bronchoscopy. Anesthesia is administered by an anesthesiologist and the surgeon completes the procedure successfully?a. 00500-P2, 99100-51b. 00520-P2c. 00520-P2, 99100-51d. 00520-P2, 9910020. Dr. Roberts, a vascular surgeon, administers a digital block to anesthetize a healthy 41 year old patient’s finger prior to performing surgery to repair a damaged blood vessel in the finger. a. 01850-P1b. 35207-23c. 35207-47d. None – The anesthesia services are not separately reported21. An anesthesiologist administers IV conscious sedation (with the presence of a trained observer) for an otherwise healthy patient undergoing a cast application involving the knee joint. What code should be used to report the anesthesia services? a. 01420-P1b. 01430-P1c. 99143-P1d. 9914322. Anesthesiologist administers general anesthesia for a thoracotomy on a patient with poorly controlled essential hypertension. Code_____________________________23. 68-year-old male noticed a lump on his left forearm. Examination determined that he was in need of incision and drainage of a bursa. Anesthesiologist administered regional anesthesia. Code___________24. A firefighter sustained second-degree burns over 35 percent of his body while on duty. He received general anesthesia by anesthesiologist during the burn debridement. Code_______________25. Anesthesia is given by anesthesiologist to a patient prior to a surgical arthroscopic of a tumor on the distal ulna. This patient has severe coronary artery disease; however, the patient’s condition is life threatening. Code_______________________26.Anesthesiologist administrates general anesthesia to a patient with end-stage renal disease who undergoes a laparoscopic cholecystectomy. Code_______________________________27. For anesthesia code 00866-P2-AA-23, the physical status modifier is ___________________28. The patient undergoes a heart transplant procedure, the anesthesiologist monitored the patient’s ECG, oximetry and also had to place a central venous line. Which service is reported in addition to the anesthesia code? _______29. If the surgeon administers the anesthesia what modifier is used on the surgeon code? ________________30. The patient is coming in for emergency appendectomy that has possibility of being ruptured. The patient also has uncontrolled DM. What are you physical status modifiers and do you need a qualifying circumstances, if so which one.___________________________________________________ Health Science Science Nursing HIT 244 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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