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QuestionAnswered step-by-stepQUESTION 1Informed consent is required to:Fracture surgeryIV procedureIrrigation of the ear canalUrinary catheterizationQUESTION 2The main responsibility of the nursing professional in relation to informed consent for surgery is:Define the risks and benefits of surgical interventionWitness the patient’s signature on the consent formExplain the right to refuse treatment or withdraw your consentNeither of the alternatives is correctQUESTION 3Nutritional balance is one of the areas to consider for all surgery. For a proper recovery the diet should be:High in carbohydratesHigh in proteinHigh in fatHigh in sodiumQUESTION 4The goal (result) for a diabetic client undergoing surgery is to keep their glucose levels at:80-110 mg / dl150-240 mg / dl250-300 mg / dl300-350 mg / dlQUESTION 5The preoperative history allows knowing the medications that the client takes, it is important because:Phenothiazides can increase the risk of hypotension due to the action of the anestheticDiuretics may increase a depression of the respiratory system during anesthesiaTranquilizers can cause seizuresWith all medications because complications could occur in surgeryQUESTION 6The potential effect of drug therapies is evaluated before surgery. The following classification of medications can cause fluid electrolyte imbalance.Cortico steroidsDiureticsPhenothiazinesInsulinsQUESTION 7The risk of an old client going to surgery is related to:Increased possibility of coexisting conditionsThe response to anesthetic agentsDecreased kidney functionAll with correctQUESTION 8Obesity is related to surgical complications of:Cardiovascular systemGastrointestinal systemRespiratory systemAll are correctQUESTION 9The main goal of NOT eating food before surgery is to prevent:AspirationDistentionInfectionObstructionQUESTION 10The reason for preparing the skin for surgery is:Reduce the number of microorganismsTotal removal of bacteriaSterilize the skinNone is correctQUESTION 11The recently approved method of removing hair from the skin for surgery, which prevents skin infections later, is:Electric clippersAllergy-free epilator creamA disposable razorSurgical scissors and the hair is cut approximately (3mm)QUESTION 12The reason for pre-anesthesia medication includes the following Except:Facilitates induction of anesthesiaDecrease the dose of anesthetic agent usedHelps to make the effect of anesthesia more powerfulReduce preoperative painQUESTION 13The responsibility of the circulating nurse in the operating room as opposed to the scrub nurse includes:Assist the surgeonCoordinate with the entire surgical teamMaintain sterility of the surgical tableDocument onlyQUESTION 14The nursing professional knows that the risks suffered in the perioperative phase with age because:Ciliary action decreases, reducing the reflex to coughThe increase in fatty tissue, prolongs the effect of anesthesiaThe size of the liver decreases, reducing the metabolism of the anestheticAll are correctQUESTION 15Clients at risk of developing Malignant Hyperthermia after general anesthesia, in the estimate it is more common to find an early sign of:HypertensionBradycardiaOliguriaTachycardiaQUESTION 16The nursing professional knows that in the postoperative phase the general anesthetic is eliminated first by:The kidneysLungsThe skinNone is correctQUESTION 17The immediate goal in the postoperative period is to maintain lung function and prevent:LaryngospasmHyperventilationHypoxemia and hypercapneaPulmonary edema and embolismQUESTION 18One of the greatest responsibilities of the nursing professional in the postoperative phase is to estimate the cardiovascular system, the following is estimated:Vital signsCentral venous pressureArterial gasesAll are correctQUESTION 19In the recovery room the client vomits. What is the immediate nursing intervention?Measure the amount of vomiting and estimate fluid lossOffer the client oral fluids to replace lost fluids and electrolytesProtect the surgical woundTurn the head to one side completely to prevent aspiration of vomit into the lungsQUESTION 20After surgery, the nursing professional evaluates kidney function, an alteration in the result is to report to the doctor that the client had a urinary output in 2 hours of:Less than 30 ml of urine in the foleyBetween 75 to 100 ml of urine in the foleyBetween 100 and 200 ml of urine in the foleyMore than 200 ml of urine in the foleyQUESTION 21One of the most common postoperative complications in old people is:PleurisyPneumoniaHypoxemiaPulmonary edemaQUESTION 22Postoperative abdominal distention is related to:Temporary loss of peristalsis and accumulation of gas in the intestinesFood intake immediately after the postoperative periodIncorrect positioning during the recovery phaseType of anesthetic administeredQUESTION 23The characteristic sign of paralytic ileus is:Abdominal distentionAbdominal pressureAbsence of peristalsisIncreased abdominal girthHealth ScienceScienceNursingNURS 230Share Question

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