Question 3181

Question Answered step-by-step 1. List the positions for the following tests: Colposcopy:… 1. List the positions for the following tests:·        Colposcopy:·        Colonoscopy: ·        ECG:·        Pregnant/w chest pain for ECG:·        Pap smear:·        Spirometry testing:2. Describe all of the medical positions:·        Semi-Fowlers- Sitting at a 45 degree angle ·        Full Fowlers- Sitting at a 90 degree angle·        Lithotomy- Laying on back with legs in stirrup’s ·        Trendelenburg-Lay flay on back with feet elevated ( AKA Shock position)·        Prone-·        Supine (recumbent)-·        Sims-3. Blood pressure ranges:·        Normal range for blood pressure;·        Borderline high B/P:·        Hypertension:4. What artery is utilized for blood pressure:5. Where to take blood pressure on a patient with mastectomy:·        Rt mastectomy:·        Lt mastectomy:·        Bilateral mastectomy:6. Steps for MA to follow when B/P is abnormal: 7. Pulse ranges:·        Normal pulse range for adult:·        Pulse point Locations:·        Carotid:·        Brachial:·        Radial:8. What artery is utilized for pulse:9. What artery is utilized in an emergency/CPR:10. Describe the anatomical areas for the following temperature readings:·        Digital:·        Temporal:·        Tympanic:11. Sp02/Oximeter normal range:12. Steps the MA takes if Sp02 is abnormally low:13. Chambers of the heart Describe/function and location of the following:·        Vena cava:·        Aorta:·        Lt ventricle:·        Rt ventricle:·        Lt atria:·        Rt atria:·        Bicuspid valve (mitral):·        Tricuspid valve:14. Describe the following Visual Acuity Terms:·        Ishihara:·        Snellen Chart:·        Directional E:15. Where should the patient stand when testing visual acuity using Snellen chart:16. Office triage: Number the following disorders from highest to lowest priority.·        Vomiting:·        Headache:·        Hematuria:·        Asthma attack:17. Office triage: Number the following disorders from highest to lowest priority.·        Infant fever 103·        Urinary tract infection·        Blood in the stool·        Abrasion·        Chicken pox18. Phone Triage case scenarios. Describe MA responses for each: ·        Parent reports child fell from a tree:·        Parent reports child has a fever, wants to give Tylenol:·        Patient calls c/o chest pain and arm numbness:·        Patient calls and states they believe they are having a heart attack:19. What belong on a sterile Mayo stand tray set up for: ·        Incision and drainage ·        Laceration repair ·        Cyst removal ·        Ingrown toenail 20. Instruments needed for suture removal:  Health Science Science Nursing NURSING 204 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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