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Question Answered step-by-step NSG3510_ONL5FA_ONL5F_21AssignmentsCh. 3 Case Study Spring 3 2021… NSG3510_ONL5FA_ONL5F_21AssignmentsCh. 3 Case StudySpring 3 2021 FullHomeAnnouncementsModulesSyllabusGradesAssignmentsQuizzesDiscussionsSmarthinking Online TutoringPurchase Course MaterialsCh. 3 Case StudyStart AssignmentDue Tuesday by 10:59pm Points 10 Submitting a text entry boxRespond to the following questions in the provided text box no later than Tuesday @ 1159 CST  Case Study, Chapter 3, Interviewing and Communication  1. The nurse is about to conduct an admission interview for a 76-year-old male patient.The patient is hard of hearing and is being admitted for prostate surgery. (LearningObjectives 5 and 6) How can the nurse best:a. prepare for the interview? b. initiate the nurse-patient relationship? c. build and strengthen the therapeutic relationship? d. adapt for the patient’s specific communication barriers? e. manage the introduction of sensitive questioning? 2. The nurse is working in a busy emergency department. The police have brought in apatient who was found in the city park threatening everyone walking by. The police wantthe patient checked out for a medical problem before they proceed to take him to acorrectional facility. (Learning objectives 1, 6) a.Can you state some reasons why people are angry when seeking medicalcare? b.How should the nurse initially approach this patient? What types ofquestions should the nurse ask? c.How should the nurse handle the patient who is overtly disruptive? d.How should the nurse defuse the situation, paying close attention tononverbal language? Health Science Science Nursing NSG 5340 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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