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Question DISASTER MANAGEMENT: Read the case study and create a list of at… DISASTER MANAGEMENT:Read the case study and create a list of at least three priority actions that should be taken by the community health nurse. Remember to provide an evidence-based rationale for each priority rankingYou are a community health nurse who is driving down a familiar road toward a small town and come upon the scene of an accident involving a tanker truck and a train.You know that the small town is about 3 miles away.You note that the truck is on its side and that fluid is leaking from the tank.You cannot see the truck driver.Several railroad cars have been derailed and are scattered off the train tracks on their sides. There appears to be writing on the side of the damaged railroad cars that seems to indicate that the cars were carrying chemicals of some type.You note that some people are running from the engine of the train toward the derailment site.You hear a vehicle pull behind you.Create a list of THREE priority actions that you should take and provide rationale for each of THREE actions.CDC: Emergency Preparedness and ResponseFEMA Health Science Science Nursing NURS MISC Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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