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Question S cenario 1: At 1315, Emma Jones, 32, is admitted to your ward from… Scenario 1: At 1315, Emma Jones, 32, is admitted to your ward from home (via the emergency department) with a left Colle’s fracture, (fractured left distal radius) following a fall; she has a past history of childhood measles, wisdom teeth extraction, and morphine allergy; she is on the oral contraceptive pill, and no other medications. Her left arm is being elevated with a sling and supported by a pillow to reduce swelling, but her fingers and hand are puffy. On arrival to the ward she has manageable pain; she is fasting prior to the surgery on her wrist, with her scheduled theatre time for 1600. Her husband is present.  Q1. Think about the information given in the case study, and identify what observations/physical assessments/tests Emma needs on admission and Why? (PC1.1, PC1.2, PC2.1) Q2. Apart from the mild swelling noted in the emergency department handover, all Emma’s admission vital signs are unremarkable. Where would you document them? Give two (2) forms of documentation. (PC2.3) Q3. When you checked Emma’s wrist and hand, you noticed that her wedding ring was tight because of the swelling. How do you act on this and why? (PC1.1, PC2.1) Q4. When you check on Emma at 1400 she tells you the pain is increasing. Are there any special precautions you should take when giving Emma pain relief? (PC1.1, PC1.3, PC2.1, PC2.2)   Scenario 1 (cont)At 1455 Emma’s husband comes up to you at the nurses’ station to tell you that she is experiencing worsening pain.   Q5. When you assess Emma you notice that the swelling is much worse. What other assessments should you do? What are you assessing for (list at least two (2)) elements you are assessing for)? (PC1.1, PC1.2, PC1.3, PC2.1)   Health Science Science Nursing Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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