Question 324

Question Answered step-by-step You are the director of perioperative services in an ambulatory surgerycenter that is part of a for-profit ambulatory surgery corporation that has 10 surgery centers in the state. You are told that the chief information officer is planning to implement RFID technology in the operating room as part of the capital budget. -How does this technology impact the management of scarce resources? -What are the benefits and risks to perioperative nursing care that should be considered with the implementation of this technology? -How could a nursing leader effectively participate in this capital decision-making process? How are you or nursing leaders in your organization involved in capital budget decisions?Reference:Penner, S. J. (2017). Economics and financial management for nurses and nurse leaders (3rd ed.). Springer Publishing Company Health Science Science Nursing NUR 582 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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