Question 3323

Question Answered step-by-step , identify one specific contemporary issue or trend that you are interestedin learning more about. Choose from the categories below. For example you might want to learn more about why it is more difficult for some groups to receive care than others, which would fall under Client Access to Care. Or, you might want to compare nursing practice in the U.S. with how nurses practice in Japan, which would fall under the category of Global Healthcare and Nursing. -Global Healthcare and Nursing -Healthcare Reform -U.S. Healthcare Financing -Nursing’s Role in the U.S. Healthcare System -Integrative Healthcare -Nursing Leadership and Management -Nursing Education -Nursing Practice -Nursing Professionalism -Advancing Nursing as a Profession -Client Access to Care -Delivering Client Care -Interdisciplinary Teamwork and Collaboration -Ethical Practices in Healthcare -Quality and Safety in Healthcare Delivery -Health/Nursing InformaticsOnce the issue or trend is identified, find five important/significant facts about it, substantiated by an evidence-based article or reference. Include the article or references in your submission. Health Science Science Nursing NUR 2058 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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