Question 333

Question Answered step-by-step 1. And expectant couple ask the nurse about intercourse duringpregnancy and whether it is is safe for the baby the nurse should tell the couple that a. Intercourse should be avoided if any spotting from the vagina occurs afterward b. safer sex practice should be used once the membrane rupture c. Intercourse is safe until the third trimester d. Intercourse and orgasm are often contraindicated if a history or signs of preterm labor are present 2. With regards to protein in the diet of pregnant woman nurses should be aware that a. High protein supplement can be used without risk by woman or macrobiotic dietsb. As with carbohydrates and fats, no Specific recommendation exist for the amount of protein in the diet c. Many protein rich foods are also good sources of calcium, iron, and vitamin B d. Many women need to increase their protein intake during pregnancy3. With regard to primary secondary powers, the maternity nurse should understand that a. Scarring of the cervix caused by a previous infection or surgery may make the delivery a bit more painful, but it should not slow or inhibit dilation b. Effacement generally well ahead of dilation in woman giving birth for the first time; they are more together subsequent c. Pushing in the second stage of labor is more effective if the woman can breathe deeply and and control some of her involuntary needs to push as the nurse directs d. Primary powers are responsible for effacement and dilation of the cervix 4. Which mineral and vitamin are usually recommended to supplement a pregnant woman’s diet? a. Calcium and zinc b. Water soluble vitamin C and B6c. Fat soluble Vitamins A and Dd. Iron and folate 5. In order to reassure and educate pregnant clients about changes in their blood pressure, maternity nurses should be aware that a. A blood pressure cuff that is too small produces a reading that is too low, a cuff that too large produces a reading that is too high b. The systolic blood pressure increases slightly as pregnancy advances, the diastolic pressure remains constant c. Shifting the client’s position and changing from arm to arm for different measurements produces the most accurate composite blood pressure reading at each visit d. Compression of the iliac veins and inferior vena cava by the uterus contributes to hemorrhoids in the later stage of term pregnancy 6. In understanding and guiding a woman through her acceptance of pregnancy, a maternity nurse should be aware that a. Ambivalent feelings during pregnancy are usually seen only in emotional immature or very young mothers b. Non acceptance of the pregnancy very often equates to rejection of the child c. Conflicts such as not wanting to be pregnant or childrearing and career related decisions need not be addressed during pregnancy because they will resolve themselves naturally after birth d. Mood swings are most likely the result of worries about finances and a changed lifestyle as well as profound hormonal 7. A woman at 35 weeks of gestation has had an amniocentesis. The results reveal that surface-active phospholipids are present in the amniotic fluid. The nurse is aware that this finding indicates that a. Meconium is present in the amniotic fluid b. The woman is at high risk for developing preterm labor c. The lungs are mature d. The fetus is at ricks for Down syndrome 8. When counseling a client about getting enough iron in her diet the maternity nurse should tell her that a. Constipation is common with iron supplementsb. Milk coffee and tea aid iron absorption if Consumed at the same time as Iron c. Iron absorption is inhabited by a diet rich in vitamin C d. Iron supplements are permissible for children in small doses 9. Which time span delineates the appropriate length for a normal pregnancy a. 9 lunar months, 8.5 calendar month, 39 weeks 272 days b. 9 calendar month, 10 lunar months, 42 weeks 294 days c. 10 lunar months, 9 calendar month, 40 weeks 280 days d. 9 calendar months, 38 weeks 266, days 10. A pregnant woman is experiencing some integumentary changes and is concerned that they may represent abnormal findings. The nurse provides information to the patient that the following findings would be considered “normal abnormal findings during pregnancy so that she should not be alarmed. ( select all that apply) a. Allodynia b. Superficial thrombophlebitis c. Vascular spiders d. Linea nigra e. Melasma Health Science Science Nursing OB 101 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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