Question 356

Question Answered step-by-step Please answer the questions below and mention at least 3 scientific… Please answer the questions below and mention at least 3 scientific resources. Not internet resources and not older than 2016, and APA format resources only acceptable. In some neurologic disorders, postsynaptic membrane permeability is increased. Does this make the neuron more easily stimulated or less excitable? Using pathophysiology, explain why.Cholinergic drugs are often used to help correct neurologic pathologic processes. Briefly describe where a cholinergic drug acts and how it affects the postsynaptic receptors. Give two examples of its possible effects on function.Describe two possible areas of CNS damage that might cause flaccid paralysis. What signs and symptoms would a patient with this condition exhibit?There are many different conditions that can cause increased intracranial pressure (ICP); identify two. What are the early signs and symptoms of increased ICP? What will you look for in a patient to help determine if they have increased ICP?Describe how vital signs change from early increased ICP to later stages.Which is more critical: a lesion in the brainstem or in the cerebral hemisphere? Using pathophysiology, explain why. Health Science Science Nursing NURSING MS 606 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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