Question 3600

Question Explain how strategies focusing on the following service deliveryphilosophy and models could work positively to reduce the impact of dementia when working with Max and Lucy: a) person-centred approachb) strengths-based approacha)    active supportProvide an example of a positive impact and a negative impact of the ‘retirement or senior years’ stage of transition in relation to Max and Lucy.. Provide three (3) examples of how the delivery philosophies and models in question 9 could be used by the support worker to support Lucy, to help her feel encouraged and valued for her caring abilities. 11. Effective communication is an important strategy to use when supporting positive interactions with Max and Lucy and their family and friends. Provide six (6) examples of communication skills that promote a positive work approach when supporting Max and Lucy.How can Lucy be supported to ensure that she continues to have involvement in the care needs of Max, especially as the dementia progresses. Health Science Science Nursing Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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