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Question Answered step-by-step Dahuili Wang is a 90-year-old female patient who has been admitted… Dahuili Wang is a 90-year-old female patient who has been admitted for bacterial pneumonia. The week prior to admission she had developed a productive cough and weakness, but refused to come to the hospital. Once finally convinced, she presented to the ER with adventitious breath sounds, fever, weakness, hypoxia and shortness of breath. Mrs. Wang has just arrived to the med-surg unit and needs to be admitted and assessed. Her orders include Respiratory Therapy, a Pharmacy consult and to complete a Braden Skin Assessment. Can you help Mrs. Wang?Morning assessment completed on Mrs. Wang. This note focuses on her respiratory assessment. Patient is in her bed, low Fowler’s position. She appears SOB and seems to be working harder to breath. RR is 26/min, SaO2 91%. On auscultation, crackles are heard over the large airways. Her oxygen is set at 4L/NP. write a Nursing Care plan b.    Title – it is your choice c.     Priority – (immediate, soon, 2 hours etc)d.    Medical Diagnosis – pneumoniae.    Goal – what do you want to achieve? Or improve? g.     Outcomes – if your interventions were effective, what would the outcome, or result, be? Be specific.h.    Interventions and Evaluation – at least 3, being specific Health Science Science Nursing PNL 210 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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