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QuestionAnswered step-by-stepDirections for Assignment : 1.Compare and contrast the following…Directions for Assignment:1.      Compare and contrast the following three leadership styles Leadership Style              Description Example                Authoritative Democratic Laissez-Faire 2.   write an NCLEX style question for the following principles of Prioritization. Example-NCLEX questiona.Acute before chronic      b.Urgent vs non-urgent       c. Safety   d.Maslow’s Hierarchy       e. Equipment failure f. Expected vs Unexpected 3.      Provide an example of a patient problem dealing with each level of the Maslow’s Hierarchy Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs Self-actualization   Self-Esteem   Love and Belonging Safety and security Physiological needs 4.      Review the ATI table dealing with Time Management: Time Savers and Time Wasters. Identify 3-time savers you possess and 3 Time wasters you possess. Outline a brief plan to change your time wasters into time savers. Time Waster Plan for Time Wasters 5.      List 10 tasks that can be delegated to another RN, LPN or UAP or a combination of all three Task RN LPN UAPUP/AP Administer blood products       Educate, teach       Feed a client lunch       Administer medication through a PEG tube       Turning and repositioning       Vital signs on unstable patients       Collecting a sterile urine culture       Completes the admission assessment: assesses, plans, implements, and evaluates patient care       Insert & D/C Foleys       Takes care of stable patients       6.      Compare and contrast the following conflict resolution strategies Conflict Resolution Strategy                       Characteristics                    Example Avoiding/Withdrawing Smoothing Competing/Coercing Cooperating/Accommodating Compromising/Negotiating Health ScienceScienceNursingNURSING NURS 117Share Question

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