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Question Answered step-by-step 1. How will Gwen define this population in the community? 2. How… 1. How will Gwen define this population in the community? 2. How will Gwen go about developing a plan to deal with this community concern?3. Who should be her partners in the change?4. Name and discuss two CHN Standards of Practice which you can relate to this situation.5. Discuss the levels of prevention involving CeCe and the affected population.Gwen is a Community Health Nurse working in a Community Health Centre in a marginalized community. She has just seen CeCe a thirteen-year-old girl seeking support as she is five months pregnant and is frightened and unsure as to how to deal with the pregnancy and tell her parents. Her boyfriend is a sixteen-year-old, Is willing to be involved and excited about the baby.Gwen and her manager see this as a bigger problem as situations such as CeCe’s are on the rise in this community. They have been informed by several school nurses around similar situations. Gwen’s manager tasks her with researching the situation in the community and developing a plan of action. Health Science Science Nursing NURS 1064 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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