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Question Answered step-by-step The Musculoskeletal History and Physical Assessmentpatient 50 years old, white, male, diagnosis: Gout(this is not a real patient. So, just make answers to questions with imagination)7. Health Promotion: How much walking per day or other forms of exercise? What is the effect of limited range of motion on daily activities, such as grooming, feeding, toileting, dressing? Are any mobility aids used? Any falls in the past?8. Does patient follow-up with any orthopedic doctors? How often is patient seen by specialist?9. Physical Examination:  Perform a Physical Examination of the M/S System and provide the results.10.In assessing the range of motion (ROM) in the upper and lower extremities, there are specified degrees of ROM that are considered to be within normal limits. Identify the exact degree(s) of ROM for the joints included below:A.) Knee flexion _________________________________________________________B.) Knee Extension _______________________________________________________C.) Hip Abduction________________________________________________________D.) Hip Adduction________________________________________________________E.) Shoulder Abduction ____________________________________________________F.) Shoulder Flexion_______________________________________________________G.) Elbow Flexion ________________________________________________________H). Elbow Extension_______________________________________________________need or identify literatures (references) released between 2017-2021 Health Science Science Nursing NU 440 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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