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Question Answered step-by-step 1. Define the following forms:·        CMS1500:·        AOB:·        EOB:·        UB-04:·        ABN:·        Encounter form/Super bill:2. Define the following insurance terms:·        Medicare:  ·        Medicaid (medi-cal): ·        Tricare: ·        Workers compensation: 3. Define the following terms related to Medicare:·        Part A·        Part B·        Part C·        Part D4. Define:·        Precertification: ·        Claim: ·        Premium: ·        Provider: 5. Define the following coding acronyms and give examples of each:ICD-10_______________________________________________________(disease/disorders) alphanumeric code Example:_____________________________________CPT_______________________________________________________(outpatient Procedures and Office visits/charges)numeric code Example:_______________________________________ HCPCS______________________________________________________(DME/wheelchiars, canes etc)alphanumeric code Example:_____________________________________ V CODE (in ICD-10 manual)_______________________________________________________(Preventative)alphanumeric code Example:____________________________________ 6. Within an ICD-10 manual, what section would the MA reference for the following diseases/disorders;·        Myocardial infarction:·        Peptic ulcer:·        Vaginitis:·        UTI: 7. Describe the following terms:·        Accounts payable:·        Accounts receivable:·        Practice assets: ·        Daily log/day sheet:·        Clearing house:·        Patient Ledger:·        PHI: 8. Describe duties of billing department: 9. Define NSF and the procedure for handling NSF charges on patient account: 10. List various types of filing systems: (which is the most common in the medical office) 11. Describe the rules of alphabetical filing: 12. Explain how the MA would correct a documentation error in EHR: 13. Where would the following reports be filed within the medical chart:·        Chemical urinalysis:·        CT scan:·        INR:14. What is the proper protocol for sending records to another clinic: 15. Describe the following types of scheduling:·        WAVE:·        CLUSTER/GROUP:·        DOUBLE BOOKING:·        OPEN HOURS:·        STREAMING:·        MATRIX:16. What is the proper procedure the MA should follow when a patient does not show for an appointment: 17. Describe the organization of charts for day of appointment: 18. Describe the use of a tickler file: 19. Define the protocol for scheduled patients when physician is running behind: MEDICAL LAW/ETHICS:20. What law protects the healthcare provider from a lawsuit: 21. What types of injuries must be reported to the police: 22. Describe signs of domestic abuse: 23. What types of diseases must be reported to the CDC: 24. Define the following:·        Battery:·        Assault:25. Give reasons why PHI can be disclosed without authorization: 26. Define:·        Ethical behavior:·        Moral behavior:·        Empathy:·        Etiquette:27. Describe Informed consent: 28. When should informed consent be obtained: 29. Define Advance Directive/living will: 30. POLST: 31. Medical Power of attorney: 32. Define Proper procedure for termination of a patient: 33. Describe medical record disclosure/consent form: 34. Who owns the patient record (adult/minor): 35. When is it allowable to receive a copy of patient medical records (adult/minor/spouse): 36. Describe process in a medical office for a subpoena of medical records: 37. Describe the process of converting paper charts into EHR:  38. Describe POMR: 39. Describe SOAP: 40. What type of information within a POMR will the MA document findings: 41. Describe the proper way to communication with a non-English speaking patient when an interpreter is present:42. Describe the communication process with different cultures:·        Eye contact:·        Body language:·        Describe the following:·        Full block letter·        Salutation w/punctuation43. Troubleshooting printing errors: (give examples of most common reasons) 44. Protocol for logging off of EHR/EMR in patient room: 45. Define the following terms when backing up computer data:·        On-line service back up:·        Back-up system:·        External hard drive:46. Describe protocol for angry/violent patient: 47. Describe the protocol for responding to fire in the medical office: Health Science Science Nursing MEDICAL 101 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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