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Question Answered step-by-step 1. A nursing student states that the client assigned to him seemslike an alcoholic but the LPN on duty asserts that the student should get to know the client first before making such a conclusion. Which quality is the LPN displaying?A. IntroversionB. Judgmental attitudeC. Emotional stabilityD. Open-minded2.A mental health nurse develops a plan of care that focuses on educating and guiding a depressed client to perform activities of daily living. This illustrates use of which nursing theory?A. Parse’s Theory of Human becomingB. Orem’s Behavioral Nursing TheoryC. Peplaus Interpersonal TheoryD. Roy’s Adaptation Theory3.A client requests that no beef should be served for him since eating of the meat is prohibited in his community. The nurse facilitates provision of a beef-free diet by organizing with the dietician. According to Madeline Leininge ‘s model, the nurse is demonstrating:A. Accommodation/negotiationB. Preservation/maintenanceC. Repatterning/restructuringD. Ethnocentrism4.Which of the following specifically describes the incorporating of information related to a client’s phenotype and gene function in the client’s plan of care?A.Genetic modificationB. E-practiceC. PharmacogenomicsD. Genomic health care5.When preparing a teaching plan for the family of a client who will be receiving psychiatric home care, which of the following would the nurse incorporate into the teaching plan? Select all that apply.A. This type of care, although effective, can be very expensiveB. There is less disruption in the client’s relationship with familyC. Clients typically receive satisfaction from this type of careD. The client cannot apply for Medicare or Medicaid health coverage for this type of care6.When the nurse is caring for a client admitted for treatment of mental illness, the client states “My friend wants to eat. God will kill all the sinners”. The nurse notes that the client is exhibiting which type of impaired communication?A. Clang associationB. BlockingC. Looseness of associationD. Neologism 7.During therapeutic communication with a client the nurse demonstrates which type of spatial territory?A.Intimate zoneB.Personal zoneC.Social zoneD.Public zone8.Crisis intervention has this primary goal:A. Assist the client to express his/her feelingsB. Help the client identify resources to help him//her copeC.Support the client’s adaptive coping skillsD. Help the client return to his/her pre-crisis level of function9.The most important assessment data for the nurse to gather from the client in crisis would be:A. The client’s work habitsB. The client’s past medical-surgical historyC. A past history of any emotional problems in the familyD. The specific circumstances surrounding the perceived crisis situation10. A client who is experiencing the recoil phase of a crisis after he witnessed a shootout at a camp site is likely to respond in the following manner; Select all that applyA. ConfusionB. AnxiousC. DepressedD. Inability to reason logically11.When crisis intervention is provided which nursing action takes priority?A. Advising the physician on the need for medication therapyB. Reassuring the client that he/she will copeC. Encouraging the client to talk about the eventD. Explaining the benefits of professional counselling12.A client who recently lost his house in a fire accident frequently says that the house was too old and this event was meant to compel him to purchase a new home. The client is likely exhibiting which phase of crisis?A. PrecrisisB. CrisisC. ResolutionD. Postcrisis13. Following occurrence of a hurricane that claimed several lives and destroyed properties the survivors of that community exhibit a strong sense of unity and have been working closely together to support one another. Which transitional period is the community exhibiting?A. contentic periodB. Honeymoon periodC. Disillusionment periodD. Reconstruction period14. A young lady who recently left for a college many miles away from home is admitted to a local hospital and diagnosed to be in crisis. The nurse interprets the severity of the crisis classifying it as;A. Class 1B. Class 2C. Class 3D. Class 415.Which one of the following describes what occurs when a young woman assigns the feelings she had towards her late mother to the therapist?A. TransferenceB. Counter transferenceC.ResistanceD. Parataxis16.A psychotherapist focuses on assisting a client take responsibility for own actions. Which psychotherapy mode is the psychotherapist using?A. Uncovering therapyB. HypnotherapyC. Reality therapyD. Rational-emotive therapy17.During the introductory phase of the individual psychotherapy the following occurs. Select all that apply:A. The therapist and the client establish boundaries of the relationshipB.The psychotherapy ceases when the client has achieved maximum benefit of therapyC.Open communication is establishedD.The therapist and client focus on the clients problems18.Which of the following modes of individual psychotherapy focus on assessing the client’s relationship with family members?A. Cognitive-behavioral therapyB. Solution-focused brief therapyC. Brief- interpersonal psychotherapyD. Dual treatment19.Which therapy would the nurse identify as being used when a client is encouraged to talk in a spontaneous, uncontrolled manner and to relive past experiences in order to deal with once fearful experiences?A. Brief therapyB. HypnotherapyC. PsychoanalysisD. Brief-cognitive20.Roles of a counselor include the following. Select all that applyA. Provides reassurance to the clientB. Clarifies to the client any issues arisingC. Offers assertive training to the clientD. Assists in conflict resolution21.Which of the following modes of psychotherapy are examples of reeducative therapy. Select all that apply.A. PsychodramaB. Cognitive-behavior therapyC. Behavior therapyD. Client- centered therapy22.The activity therapist informs the nurse that she will be helping supervise a 15-person outing scheduled for early afternoon. The nurse would be correct in telling the therapist that:A. “It a good idea for the clients to participate in an outing”B. “That is not a safe practice. A 2:15 ratio is too many clients.”C. “I will be glad to participate.”D. “Have you requested additional help?”23.The role of the nurse-therapist in couple therapy includes: Select all that applyA. Assist the clients to stay togetherB. Assist the couple deal constructively with their behaviourC. Encourage personality growthD. Direct the couple on what steps to take to ensure their union does not break24.A client attending group therapy tells the nurse-therapist that ever since she started helping members of her group she feels much better. The nurse understands that this represents which element of a group?A. UniversalityB. AltruismC. Interpersonal learningD. Catharsis25. Which element of group therapy involves the member to accept the fact that he/she is responsible for own life choices and actions?Imitative behaviorExistential factorsImparting of informationCatharsis26. Which one of the following statements accurately describes the goal-setting stage of family therapy?A. The family meets and is put at ease by the therapistB. The therapist state what needs to be changed to make the lives of the family members be betterC. The therapist synthesizes all the informatioD. Problems of the families are identified27.Which characteristic would a nurse expect to assess in a family that is considered to have a diagnosis of compromised family coping?A. Unable to nurture the growth of childrenB. Disorganized functions of family membersC. A family member provides inadequate assistanceD. Stressors that challenge effective functioning ability of the family28. The nurse is discussing the orientation phase of group therapy. The student nurse asks what the primary goal between the nurse and the group members is during this phase. The nurse should respond that the primary goal is to:A. Explore goalsB. Establish relationshipsC.Create an accepting and supportive environmentD. Formulate a mutual plan of action29. During couple therapy the husband states that he is not sure about continuing with the marriage because of lack of emotional support from his partner. This is an example of which nursing diagnosis?A. Caregiver role strainB. PowerlessnessC. Risk of lonelinessD. Decisional conflict30. Some of the couples’ issues that are managed by use of marital relations therapy include; Select all that apply.Negative interactionsSexual dysfunctionParental conflictInability to communicate with one another31.Groups that focus on increasing members’ self esteem, adaptation and emotional well being are known as;Supportive groups Personality development groupsRemotivation groupsProblem – solving therapy32. Which of the following group therapy approach would be most therapeutic for a hospitalized client who is withdrawn?Support groupRe-education and remotivation groupProblem-solving groupPersonality without reconstruction group33.Task role functions of a nurse-therapist include the following; Select all that apply.Decide frequency of group meetingsAct as support and resource personFacilitate creative problem-solvingDecide on a co-therapist Health Science Science Nursing PSYCH 101 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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