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Question Answered step-by-step Ms. Del Rio, a 19 year old female, presented to the emergency room… Ms. Del Rio, a 19 year old female, presented to the emergency room with pain in the right lower portion of her abdomen and intractable (it won’t stop) nausea and vomiting that had awakened her from sleep approximately 8 hours earlier. She had been in excellent health with no significant health problems until the current illness had begun. The emergency room physician ordered blood work, abdominalx-rays and a CT scan of the abdomen. Following these tests a diagnosis of acute appendicitis was made and surgical consultation was requested. The surgeon examined the patient, agreed with the diagnosis and scheduled the patient for surgery. He left the following orders: a) NPO (nothing by mouth) b) lV sf 1000 mL of 0.45% normal saline to run in over 6 hours then repeat c) Promethazine 50 mg lM q4h prn (as needed for) nausea and vomiting d) Cip,ro 500 mg lV piggyback q8hAnswer the following questions based on the information given above. Round to the nearest whole mL where necessary.1) Calculate the rate in mL/h at which the lV pump should be set in order to deliver the lV fluid as ordered. 2)A healthy person requires 2 L of fluid be given in a day. Calculate the rate in mL/h at which this would be administered. 3) Calculate the difference in the amount of fluid this patient would receive in 24 hours if the lV ordered was continued for 24 hours versus the amount needed by a healthy patient in 24 hours. 4) The surgeon changes the lV order so that the patient should receive 900 mL over 6 hours. Determine the new rate needed to deliver this volume.5) Following surgery the patient feels much better. The surgeon revises the lV orders so that the patient is to receive 1000 mL of O.45% N/S with 20 mEq of potassium chloride over g hours. Calculate the rate needed to deliver this volume6) Cipro is available in vials containing 1 g of powder that has the following directions for reconstitution: “Add 7.3 mL of sterile water for injection to contents of vial. The resulting solution has a strength of 0.5 g/ 5 mL” Determine the number of mL of Cipro needed for one dose.7) The Cipro that was ordered is added to a bag of normal saline so that the total volume for infusion is 100 mL. lf this solution is to infuse over 2 hours, calculate the rate at which the lV pump would be set in ml/h to deliver the Cipro as ordered.8) The patient continued to improve and was started on a clear liquid diet. Her fluid intake was great enough such that her lV fluids could be reduced. The surgeon ordered that the 720 mL remaining in the lV bag be infused over 24 hours. Calculate the rate necessary to do this. 9) calculate the flow rate for 40 mEq KCI in 100 mL NS over 45 minutes.10) Find the flow rate if 500 mg of ampicillin in 100 mL NS is to infuse over 30 min. Health Science Science Nursing MATH 117 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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