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Question Answered step-by-step What type of immunity is associated with receiving a vaccine?a. Natural Immunityb. Actively acquired immunityc. Herd immunityd. passively acquired immunity2. which of the following are causes of antibiotic resistance?a. Under use of antibiotics in the food supply chainb. Lack of prescribing enough antibiotics for infectionsc. Non-adherence by patients when taking antibioticsd. poor infection control practices in the hospital3. The community health nurse knows that transitions in life can cause stress and possible crisis for families. How might the nurse support her clients through some of life stressful events?a. Link the family to resources to assist with stressful eventsb. encourage the family to avoid change to minimize stressc. Facilitate access to a primary care provider to meet all health needsd. Provide 24/7 care for a client during transitions to minimize stress4. The home health nurse teaches the patient and her families how to use inhalers for management of chronic asthma. Which aspects of case management is this nurse portraying with this action?a. Primary careb. Interdisciplinary collaborationc. Client educationd. Secondary prevention Health Science Science Nursing Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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