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Question Summarize one EBP article published within the last 3 years. Then,… Summarize one EBP article published within the last 3 years. Then, describe how you could use this best practice to improve the care you provide to this patient (information shared should aim to restore, maintain, or promote health and wellness for the assigned patient) Mr. Clark is a 76-year-old Caucasian male who was admitted to the rehabilitation hospital following a 6 week stay in a local acute care hospital. He suffered a T3 burst fracture after a MVA and the site was surgically stabilized. He is paralyzed in his lower extremities and has no sensation below the clavicles. He is incontinent of bowel and bladder and has a stage 3 pressure ulcer to his coccyx. Medical history includes asthma, substance abuse (alcohol), obesity, constipation, prediabetes (has not progressed to type II diabetes) and tested positive for Covid-19 in November 2020 after experiencing shortness of breath and fever.Mr. Clark is single and lives alone in a second story apartment. His son lives three states away and he has no relatives in the area. He is a retired construction worker, denies any religious affiliation, and speaks English.Orders include:Regular dietEnsure high protein shake BIDFoley catheter to dependent drainageDulcolax suppository every 3 days rectallyBaclofen 5mg PO QIDMidodrine 10 mg PO at 0800, 1300 and 1800Albuterol inhaler: 180 mcg (2 puffs) every 6 hours PRNMetformin 500 mg PO BIDPT, OT TID, 5 days per weekDressing changes to sacral pressure ulcer: cleanse with wound wash, alginate dressing dailyCervical collar when OOBTransfer with sliding board per PTFull resuscitation Health Science Science Nursing NURSING NUR2115 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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