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Question Answer the following questions about your new psychotherapeutic… Answer the following questions about your new psychotherapeutic group focusing on Pregroup Issues, Stage 1Type of group: Describe the practical elements of your group (closed or open, homogeneous or heterogeneous, size, meeting place, frequency and length, short term or long term, and so on). Explain why your selections are appropriate to your specific group.Topic or theme of the groupTarget population and age of participantsHow and why this group is relevant to your identified populationDates and times of group meetings for eight sessionsQualifications for the group leader, including educational level, licensure, certification, and so onHow and where the group will be advertised/announced. Indicate how you will identify, attract, and get members for your group. How is your means of announcing the group key to identifying and recruiting group members?How participants will be selected and interviewed. Identify criteria to screen participants, including drafting a screening sheet to be used by the group leader. Why is this type of screening appropriate for your group? (Include the final screening sheet as an appendix in the final group manual.)Informed consent procedures for your group members. Draft an informed consent form. If your group is for children, include forms for both children (age-appropriate) and their parents/guardians. (Include the final informed consent form as an appendix in the final group manual.)Ground rules that will be established for the groupWrite double-space paper . Include references if used, but they are not required for this paper. You will be graded on each of the above 10 items as complete or incomplete. Health Science Science Nursing NURS 661 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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