Question 429

Question The RN is assessing a client with pneumonia who reports chest painduring inspiration and coughing. Which assessment data would be associated with this symptom?Expiratory wheeze.Absent breath sounds.Pleural friction rub.The RN assesses a client admitted to the Emergency Department following a motor vehicle accident. The RN notes a paradoxical chest rise, multiple bruises across the chest and torso, crepitus, and tachypnea. Which intervention is immediately necessary?Insertion of a chest tube.Stabilization of the airway.Application of a chest binder.Which client would the RN identify as being at increased risk for aspiration?The patient with a non-functioning nasogastric tube.The patient with an endotracheal tube with a cuff pressure of 25 cm H2O.The patient in a side lying position following an endoscopy. Health Science Science Nursing NUR 211 Share QuestionEmailCopy link Comments (0)

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